This page lists those maps I currently have, and you can order printed reproductions from the city pages linked below.

As of July 2018, the Library of Congress (LoC) had begun uploading high resolution color images to their web site of Tennessee City and Town Sanborn maps:
As of October 2018, no color maps later than 1900 were available.

An index of all the Tennessee Sanborn maps the LoC had as of 1981 is available here:
The LoC will not provide copies of any of these maps dated later than 1923.

Lewis Mitcham (Lewis Mitcham; 935 S. Webster St; Lakewood, CO; 80226-4527) also has an extensive catalog and can provide them in PDF format on CD at a reasonable price:

An index (Key or Legend) to all Sanborn maps is available here:

All cities are in Tennessee unless otherwise stated. They are B/W unless otherwise indicated.

Knoxville 1884 (13 color sheets)
Knoxville 1890 (43 color sheets)

Knoxville, 1903 (74 sheets)

Knoxville, 1917 (120 sheets)
Knoxville, 1924 (27 sheets)
Athens, 1887 (McMinn Co. - two color sheets)
Bell Buckle, 1894 (Bedford Co. - one color sheet)
Carthage, 1894 (Smith Co. - one color sheet)
Chattanooga, 1885 (Hamilton Co. - 23 color sheets)
Cleveland, 1887 (Bradley Co. - four color sheets)
Clinton, 1910 (Anderson Co. - two sheets)
Cumberland Gap 1894 (Claiborne Co. - one color sheet)
Dayton, 1887 (Rhea Co. - two color sheets)
Elizabethton, 1902 (Carter Co. - five sheets)
Erwin, 1925 (Unicoi Co. - nine sheets)
Etowah, 1916 (McMinn Co. - six sheets)
Greeneville, 1887 (Greene Co. - two color sheets)
Harriman, 1891 (Roane Co. - seven color sheets)
Johnson City, 1891 (Washington Co. - six color sheets)
Jonesboro [Jonesborough], 1888 (Washington Co. - one color sheet)
Jonesboro [Jonesborough], 1892 (Washington Co. - one color sheet)
Kingsport, 1916 (Sullivan Co. - seven sheets)
Kingston, 1895 (Roane Co. - one color sheet)
Kingston, 1907 (Roane Co. - one sheet)
Kingston, 1925 (Roane Co. - two sheets)
La Follette, 1902 (Campbell Co.- one sheet)
Lenoir City, 1894 (Loudon Co. - two color sheets)
Loudon, 1894 (Loudon Co. - two color sheets)
Maryville, 1887 & 1897 (Blount Co. - two color sheets)
Maryville, 1905 (Blount Co. - four sheets)
Morristown, 1887 (Hamblen Co. - three color sheets)
Murfreesboro, 1887 (Rutherford Co. - three color sheets)
Newport, 1887 (Cocke Co. - one color sheet)
Rockwood, 1893 (Roane Co. - four color sheets)
Shelbyville, 1887 (Bedford Co. - four color sheets) 
Shelbyville, 1894 (Bedford Co. - five color sheets)
Sparta, 1908 (White Co. - two sheets)
Sweetwater, 1885 (Monroe Co. - one color sheet)
Wartrace, 1894 (Bedford Co. - one color sheet)


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